Prevent Unwanted Butt Dialing with Smart Pocket Guard

Prevent Unwanted Butt Dialing with Smart Pocket Guard

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You may recall that back in August of last year, we took a look at Air Swiper by XDA Senior Member helmanss. Air Swiper was rather innovative because it allowed users to control their devices by simply waving their hands. These gestures could then be used to do things like send text messages, unlock or lock your device, connect to wireless networks, and much more.

Now, helmanss has created another, somewhat related application called Smart Pocket Guard that also makes use of your device’s proximity sensor, albeit for a much different purpose. Rather than launching predefined tasks, Smart Pocket Guard uses your device’s sensors to prevent unintended device operation while your device is stowed away in your pocket or bag. Naturally, you could always set up a lock screen, but for many, this is simply too inconvenient to be practical.

Smart Pocket Guard works by using your device’s proximity sensor to detect whether or not your phone is in your pocket. If your device is accidentally turned on and something (presumably your pocket lining) is pressed up against the display, Smart Pocket Guard will turn your device off after a few seconds. Additionally, the app offers an experimental setting that uses the device’s accelerometer instead of the proximity sensor to detect if it is in a pocket. However, I was unable to get that particular feature working on my stock Nexus 5.

If you don’t like using a lock screen but want to avoid those embarrassing butt texts and calls, Smart Pocket Guard is definitely worth looking into. It’s still a very new app, so there are bound to be a few bugs here and there, but it shows promise. You can learn more by visiting the application thread.