Prevent WP7 From Relocking – Testers Needed!

Prevent WP7 From Relocking – Testers Needed!

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Do you own a WP7 device? Have you unlocked it but have the issue of relocking? XDA forum member morpheus90 has thought of a simple way to avoid WP7 relocking problem.

The idea involves editing the Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file on your PC after unlocking your WP7 device using ChevronWP7.

You’ll need to unlock our phone with the Chevron tools, disconnect from your PC and edit the hosts file in Notepad on your PC. The final step is to turn off WiFi on your WP7 device before connecting to Zune and syncing. Your device should then not relock anymore.

For the full technical lowdown and instructs on editing the file, head on over to the modification thread. Feedback is welcomed hence the request for testers.