Save $80 on the Razer BlackWidow Elite Keyboard as a Prime Day Lightning Deal

Save $80 on the Razer BlackWidow Elite Keyboard as a Prime Day Lightning Deal

Mechanical keyboards are just the way to go. Why deal with a silicon keyboard when you can have the clicky satisfaction and accuracy of a keyboard with switches built-in? Sure, they cost a little more money than an average keyboard, but these babies are built to last. Of all of the mechanical keyboards available, Razer makes some of the best, and they happen to have a few models on sale for Prime Day 2020.

But, it’s only right now that you can save $80 on one of Razer’s most premium keyboards, the BlackWidow Elite. This Lightning Deal is available for about 12 hours, but I wouldn’t bet on stock lasting that long, as the savings bring this keyboard to under $100! The BlackWidow has everything you’d want from a keyboard, and then some–from the unique Razer brand switches to the magnetic wrist rest to the dedicated media keys means that you’ll have the best experience.


For $90, you can’t go wrong! This Lightning Deal runs from 10:30 AM PDT until 11:45 PM PDT, but while you probably miss out within minutes, you won’t want to wait until the last second to pick this one up.

Don’t forget, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this deal, as well as all Prime Day 2020 deals!

    Don't just get any mechanical keyboard--get a great one, at a great price. Razer's BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Keyboard is only $90 as a Prime Day 2020 Lightning Deal, and that's cheaper than most mechanical keyboards on the market! This deal only last about twelve hours, or until stock runs out, so act fast!

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