Don’t pass up this Prime Day deal on these awesome Technics earbuds

Don’t pass up this Prime Day deal on these awesome Technics earbuds

When it comes to earbuds, there are a ton of options out there. At the same time, there are notable names that jump out. Some examples include Samsung, Google, Apple, etc. Technics is a brand owned by Panasonic and audio is in its DNA. I had the pleasure of trying out the Technics EAH-AZ60 earbuds and while the alphabet soup of a name doesn’t do much to make them stand out, their sound quality does. The buds sound great and what’s even more notable is that the Active Noise Cancellation is quite good. Even better than the noise cancellation are the Ambient and Attention modes that let in the noises around you. They are remarkable.


I’ve used dozens of earbuds in my time and these are the first that I have been able to leave in my ears while having a conversation with someone. Most of the time, the pass-though technology is just ok, and the outside noise can sound tinny and high-pitched. Not so with these. Turning on Ambient mode sounds almost exactly like taking out an earbud and just listening to the world around you.

Excellent controls

The touch pads on the outside are also accurate and not too sensitive. Often with earbuds, I accidentally pause my podcasts while pushing them back in. That didn’t happen with these. First of all, they stay in quite well, but also the touch-sensitive surface is flat, so it’s easy to nudge them in from a corner without triggering actions. Plus, the touch surfaces are configurable which is something every earbud should have but for reasons that escape me, some don’t.

These Technics earbuds usually cost around $230, which is a bit much for earbuds without wireless charging built-in. Speaking of charging, Technics advertises about 25 hours of battery life, which seems like a low estimate based on my experience. I usually listen to podcasts while biking or in the car, usually for an hour or two at a time, and I wouldn’t have to charge these buds for weeks at a stretch.

You can get these buds on Amazon today for 27% off.



    Time for a replacement

    Tragically, I lost my EAH-AZ60s at my local theme park just a week ago, and I’ve been regretting it every day since. There’s nary a day that goes by that I don’t listen to podcasts on my phone, and these buds have been my go-to for weeks. They traveled with me on planes, trains, and automobiles. I’m still holding out hope that they might turn up at the Lost and Found, but I might just have to pull the trigger on this deal and get replacements. If you pick up a pair, make sure your pocket is buttoned securely before you go on the Superman ride, or better yet, just leave them in the car!

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