Pro Camera mode is now available for the Nokia 8

Pro Camera mode is now available for the Nokia 8

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Before Nokia dove into the Android smartphone market, the company was making devices that used Microsoft’s mobile operating system. That platform has since died, but the Nokia Lumia series of smartphones still holds a strong place in a lot of people’s hearts. Most Android enthusiasts had little interest in switching over to a Windows-based mobile platform, but it was clear that the Nokia Lumia was able to produce some incredible looking photos. This is why news of the Pro Camera mode making its way to the upcoming Nokia 8 has owners excited.

One of the big selling points for the Nokia Lumia smartphones was the impressive camera quality that came along with it. When looking back to that era, buying a smartphone that also produced impressive photos was actually slim pickings. Over time we’ve seen many Android OEMs step up to fill the gap as they have learned this is actually a make or break feature for some customers. So when Nokia came back as a new Android smartphone brand it left many wondering how long it would take before they would embrace their smartphone camera heritage.

As the newly formed company grew we started to see this happen more and more and it’s something that we covered just last month with the Lumia’s pro camera mode for the Nokia 7. The pro camera mode was one of the most popular features of the camera app from the Lumia phones and we’re now seeing it brought to the Android smartphones. Early this morning Juho Sarvikas, the Chief Product Officer at HMD Global, announced that the pro camera mode is finally available for the Nokia 8 and current customers can now start using its features thanks to the new update.

This new camera mode lets you adjust the white balance, manually focus the photo, adjust the ISO of the image, set a manual shutter speed, adjust the exposure of the photo and more.