The Pro1-X will help support FOSS by donating to the Linux Foundation

The Pro1-X will help support FOSS by donating to the Linux Foundation

After years of rumors and plenty of April Fools’ jokes, we actually made a phone! The new Pro1-X is an adaptation of the Pro1 launched by our friends at F(x)tec last year and features more RAM, more storage, and more importantly, it runs a different platform. The first smartphone to run LineageOS out of the box, there’s plenty of reasons to like the Pro1-X but here’s one that we haven’t revealed until just now: we will be donating an amount per device to the Linux Foundation, to go towards supporting free, open-sourced software.

Considering that LineageOS, Android, Ubuntu Touch, and more are all ultimately powered by Linux, we felt that this was the best foundation to help give back to the FOSS community as a whole. Liangchen Chen – the co-founder of F(x)tec and an all-around lovely guy who’s passionate about LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish, and other alternative platforms – provided the following quote to help outline our approach to giving back to the open-sourced community:


We want to ensure that we give back to the community for helping us achieve our goal of creating a device made for the enthusiasts. We will be donating a small amount per device sold to the Linux Foundation once the campaign concludes, to help support free and open-sourced software.

That’s not all though: the Pro1-X is also only available via the Indiegogo campaign, and will not be available to buy afterward. Miss it, and well, you miss the world’s first smartphone running LineageOS out of the box. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the most powerful Ubuntu Touch OS smartphone ever made, with the HDMI-out allowing you to just plug a cable in and use a full Ubuntu desktop experience using nothing more than the keyboard on the phone, and the screen as a trackpad.

You can find out more about our new phone at the Indiegogo page below, but as a quick reminder, there’s an exclusive XDA early-bird price that’s also only available in limited quantities via the direct link below, so get yours now!

  Get yours at Indiegogo now!

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