Production issues could delay Samsung’s 3nm chips

Production issues could delay Samsung’s 3nm chips

Samsung’s chipsets have come under fire with this generation, thanks to issues with both the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (produced by Samsung) and the Exynos 2200. There were rumors that Samsung’s yield (the number of chips actually usable from a production run) was incredibly low, and it doesn’t seem like things are set to get much better either. As a new report from South Korean publication Business Post suggests. Samsung’s 3nm chips are apparently hampered by production problems.

According to the report, Samsung’s yield is so poor for its 3nm chips that it will not be producing chips for other companies, and will focus only on producing its own chips this year. It’s only expected that the next generation of 3nm chips will be produced for other companies, in 2023. The report also states that while the company is having trouble with production, there’s a performance improvement of 35% for the same amount of power when compared to 4nm, and the power reduction is up to 50% when outputting the same type of performance.


However, there’s another major issue too. Because of the aforementioned yield problems, there are delays in the mass production of the company’s 3nm chips. This means that there could end up being shortages of whatever devices will be powered by the chipsets, as Samsung won’t be able to get chipsets out the door fast enough. It appears that Samsung’s biggest competitor in mobile chip fabrication, TSMC, is also facing yield issues with its FinFET technology.

It’s expected that both Samsung and TSMC will move to 2nm production in 2025, with Intel planning to kickstart 20A production (2nm) in 2024. Intel is also aiming to start producing 1.8nm chips by the end of 2024.

Source: Business Post

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