Profiler is a free, lightweight monitor for CPU, GPU, RAM, and more

Profiler is a free, lightweight monitor for CPU, GPU, RAM, and more

There are many apps out there that allow you to visualize your CPU, GPU, and RAM usage in real time. Kernel Adiutor, one of the most widely used kernel management apps out there, comes to mind here, as well as many other apps available in the Play Store and elsewhere. But if you simply want to visualize your usage in real time, then Profiler will work wonders. Profiler is a lightweight app that allows you to visualize different stats, including CPU and GPU load, RAM usage, network traffic, and temperature, in real time within a floating window, quickly and painlessly.

Profiler features include:

  • Allows visualizing different stats, including CPU and GPU, as charts
  • Allows for full customization of those charts, including color
  • Small application size – around 103kb
  • Includes a floating window for displaying your stats over any app.

It can be a pretty interesting (and probably even nifty) tool for some of you out there. You can download the app from Google Play right now, and you can check out the official thread for more information.

Developer: Tomas Chladek
Price: Free

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