Project Fi now supports Google Family Link for children in group plans

Project Fi now supports Google Family Link for children in group plans

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Project Fi and Family Link are two services offered by Google that attempt to solve issues people deal with every day. Project Fi was launched as an experimental MVNO from Google that lets your phone switch between multiple carriers for one low price, while also offering a refund on the prepaid data that you don’t use. Then we have Family Link, which lets parents rest easy knowing that they are able to limit their child’s smartphone content and usage. Today, the company has announced they’re bringing the two services together, giving parents the ability to manage a child’s phone service through Project Fi group plans.

Starting today, you can add children who are under 13 years of age to your Project Fi group plan. Once they have been added, the parent will then have the ability to keep an eye on their children’s data usage throughout the month. This also includes the ability to set data usage alerts so you are aware of what is going on and to teach your kids how a monthly data allotment works. Where Family Link shines though is the ability to manage and monitor what applications and content your child is looking at.

Once you have added your kid to you Project Fi group plan you will also be given the ability to manage which applications they can use. Not only that, but you will even be able to track their daily screen time and lock the screen remotely during times when they should not be using it.

Since the inception of both of these services, Google has expanded their reach and also their usefulness by bringing more features to them. Family Link was opened up to all parents in the United States back in September of last year. It has also been expanded beyond Android devices to Google’s other operating system as well (Chrome OS). Project Fi has grown from offering Sprint and T-Mobile service to include U.S. Cellular, and the introduction of their group plans has now enabled them to add Family Link functionality to the service.

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