Project Fi is Rumored to Integrate with Google Voice Soon

Project Fi is Rumored to Integrate with Google Voice Soon

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To kick off last week with a bang, Google finally started rolling out a big update to an application they’ve been ignoring for the longest time – Google Voice. This seems to be the latest step in Google’s overarching goal of moving regular users away from their Hangouts application. With Hangouts shifting towards becoming an enterprise-first service, the millions of people who use Hangouts will need an alternative. For most, they can move over to applications like Allo and Duo, but this leaves many Project Fi users in the dark.

As of right now, Google doesn’t pre-install Hangouts on the Pixel or the Pixel XL unless you buy either through Project Fi. Many Project Fi customers are currently using Hangouts for certain day to day features, such as synchronized messaging on multiple platforms. When Google completes the shift of Hangouts to the enterprise market, they will need a solution for current Project Fi users. A new rumor from 9to5Google claims that Project Fi may be integrated into Google Voice in the near future.

While Google has yet to confirm this integration, they do seem to hint at some sort of solution. They know that a lot of Project Fi customers rely on Hangouts and have told 9to5Google that they should  “continue to use Hangouts” while Google is actively “working on a solution.” They don’t mention Google Voice being the solution, but sources close to 9to5Google are telling them that Project Fi integration will be a “keystone” feature with the new Google Voice update.

9to5Google trust this source as they have been correct with rumors in the past. Their source is the same person who previously told 9to5Google that VoIP integration would be coming to Google Voice in the future (which Google then confirmed). Still, as with most rumors, we should take this one with a grain of salt, but we could see things unfold this way since the information does come from what is said to be a reliable source.

Source: 9to5Google