Project Fi Launches ‘Fi it Forward’ Referral Challenge

Project Fi Launches ‘Fi it Forward’ Referral Challenge

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Google’s Project Fi, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses a combination of Wi-Fi and multiple wireless networks to provide cell service, charges a flat rate for data and calls on 135 networks throughout the globe. Despite its novel network-switching technology (Fi automatically switches between carriers depending on speed and connection) and competitive pricing (plans start at $40 a month), though, Fi’s incompatibility with all but Google’s Nexus and Pixel has so far limited its popularity and appeal.

Now, Google’s making an effort to turn things around. It partnered with Lenovo to launch the Android One Moto X4, the first non-Nexus or Pixel-branded device compatible with Project Fi and the cheapest device cheapest device on Fi yet ($400). And this week, Google announced a Project Fi referral challenge, “Fi it Forward“, that’ll give subscribers the chance to win prizes and $20 referral credits.

Fi it Forward runs from November 17 to December 17, and offers a tier-based system of rewards. Subscribers who earn two successful referrals are eligible for a Chromecast, and those who manage to get seven or more win a Moto X4 Android One.

To enroll in Fi it Forward, Fi users need to grab a unique link from the Project Fi app or website and share it via text, social media, and email. (A leaderboard on the Project Fi website shows a list of top Fi referrers in the US.)

As a part of the referral challenge campaign, Google will donate $50,000 to the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC). “We’re thrilled to see organizations like the ITDRC harness the power of communications technology to make a meaningful difference in crisis response and recovery, and we’re grateful to come together as a community to support their initiatives,” Project Fi Product Manager Jen Li wrote in a blog post. “Project Fi users don’t have to take any action to participate in the community gift—[they’re] already supporting the ITDRC’s disaster relief efforts just by being a part of Project Fi.”

Customers have until December 17 to get their referrals in.

Source: Project FiVia: Android Authority