Project Fi’s Moto X4 Orders Pushed Back Due to Production Delay

Project Fi’s Moto X4 Orders Pushed Back Due to Production Delay

We first heard about Google’s Project Fi partnering with another company for its first non-Google smartphone on the service earlier this year. This device ended up being the Moto X4 and it made a lot of people excited since there wasn’t a Moto X series smartphone released in 2016. This also expanded Project Fi’s current roster of compatible smartphones which has been something the MVNO has lacked since it was launched.

Motorola officially launched the Moto X4 at the tail end of August and subsequently announced its availability on Project Fi the very next month. The device was scheduled to be released in Europe sometime in September but customers in the United States would have to wait until later in the fall season before they could purchase it. As soon as it was announced for Project Fi, many customers started placing their pre-orders for the new smartphone.

Some pre-order customers were told their device had been shipped as early as September 22nd, but they had yet to receive the device. Most of these devices are delivered within 2-3 days after shipping so it made people wonder what was going on. Today, Project Fi has sent out an email to those who pre-ordered the Motorola Moto X4 telling them that due to a production delay, the company has had to push back delivery of the device.

The email goes on to tell pre-order customers that if they are trading in an older smartphone, they still have the full 30 days to send it in after they receive the Moto X4 in the mail. The email also includes a direct link for the user in case they feel the wait is too long and they would rather choose to cancel the pre-order altogether. At least one pre-order customer has been told their device will now ship between October 18th and the 25th.

Do you feel that this delay is acceptable? Will you keep or cancel your pre-order? Let us know below!

Source: /u/tehtimman on /r/ProjectFi

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