Project Fi will be rebranded to “Google Fi” according to unreleased pamphlet

Project Fi will be rebranded to “Google Fi” according to unreleased pamphlet

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Project Fi is one of Google’s lesser known projects. It’s an MVNO similar to Boost Mobile and Cricket, but unlike the others, it utilizes several carriers. Here in the U.S., that’s mostly Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. According to a pamphlet that was apparently mistakenly included with a Pixel order, Project Fi is about to graduate from a project and become “Google Fi.”

This pamphlet was discovered by a Reddit user with a Pixel purchase. It seems like the pamphlet was accidentally included as the user also received the standard Project Fi pamphlet. The two pamphlets are almost identical except for the new name and logo (mocked-up above), which matches many of the new logos we’ve seen from Google.

The special thing about Google Fi is the ability to intelligently switch between carriers depending on which one has the best connection in your location. That also means it doesn’t work with every device. Another cool feature of Google Fi is only paying for the data you use with no overage charges. Instead of picking a data bracket and paying fees for going over or having unused data “carry over,” you simply pay for what you use.

Google has not yet made this rebrand official, but if they already have pamphlets printed up and ready for shipping, it’s probably not too far away. It will be interesting to see if Google has any other announcements to make with the new brand. Are you a Project Fi customer? What are your thoughts on the service?

Source: /u/moonlightclergy Via: 9to5Google