Online Scams are Increasing. Protect your Sensitive Files with NordLocker

Online Scams are Increasing. Protect your Sensitive Files with NordLocker

Online scams are increasing, particularly for medical situations. Scammers are attempting to get access to computers while acting as someone involved in the healthcare system. The most vulnerable people to these scams are always going to be our older family members. Now is the time to go through your computer and make sure you do not have risky files floating around that could be accessed by hackers.

Encrypt your Files

Keep your Files Safe with NordLocker. This simple and powerful encryption software will help you easily encrypt your sensitive data. The free software can be downloaded and set up in minutes. Nordlocker will give you a folder that you can drag files into, to have them encrypted. To access your files, you’ll enter your password to gain access to your secure folder.


NordLocker password screen

NordLocker encrypted files

NordLocker supports all file types including documents, photos, videos, archives, and anything else you can think of. You’ll be able to encrypt 2GB of files for free, with an option to unlock unlimited files.

What Files Should you Encrypt?

The best way to determine which files you should keep encrypted is by going through your computer with the mindset that you’re a hacker. What files could you exploit? Look for tax documents, medical records, personal photos, and financial information.

Having an encrypted folder on your computer is another layer of defense from the scammers. These types of scammers call vulnerable people and convince them to install malware that grants them remote access to the target computer. Once they are connected they will search the computer for your most sensitive files. These are the files you need to keep behind this extra layer of protection.

Share your Files Safely

Perhaps a smart way to manage these sensitive files would be using NordLocker’s secure share feature. You can keep your parent’s or grandparent’s tax, medical, and financial documents on your own computer. When they need access to them, you can add them as an authorized user on NordLocker.

Approve other NordLocker users for file access

You can approve other NordLocker users to see and access specific folders that you have approved for them. If someone is not approved, they will not be able to see anything in your NordLocker folder. This is one of the easiest ways to share password-encrypted files, without the risk of them ending up in the wrong hands.


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