Protect your Expensive Galaxy Note 8 with a RhinoShield CrashGaurd Bumper

Protect your Expensive Galaxy Note 8 with a RhinoShield CrashGaurd Bumper

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The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most expensive phones available right now. Owners of this device have paid nearly $1000 for this 6.3″ borderless phone. The shape of the infinity display make good cases for this phone hard to find. The CrashGaurd bumper from RhinoShield is our favorite bumper and one of the best case options for Galaxy Note 8 owners.

The special design of the CrashGaurd bumper uses a pattern that allows the case to absorb most of the impact of a drop and distribute the shock throughout the case. This is called ShockSpread technology.

The strength of ShockSpread also allows for thin yet durable designs that are not intrusive, do not hide your phone’s contours and do not add unnecessary bulk. This material allowed the company to reduce overall volume by 40% and thickness by 22% while retaining the impact resistance of previous designs. The high tensile strength of ShockSpread products is significantly greater than that of traditional polycarbonate and TPU solutions too, making for a snug fit that doesn’t feel loose and does not significantly loosen up with age. It resists forces that bring elongation well, allowing RhinoShield bumpers to have bigger port cutouts while still remaining excellent structural integrity. At the bottom you have large cutouts for the charge port, headphones jack and S pen.

ShockSpread is also a softer material than polycarbonate and aluminium, which ensures that even when submitted to force and pressure, your device will not be scratched by the components of the product itself. Speaking of which, since the entire bumper is made of one material, it’s wholly recyclable and the ShockSpread polymer is 100% BPA-free — unlike the polycarbonates in other cases.

In Summary: As you can see from the pictures above, RhinoShield bumpers are an excellent match for smartphones like the Galaxy Note 8, allowing the phone to showcase the premium materials chosen by the manufacturer while giving you ease of mind and comfort in the hand. ShockSpread bumpers ensure you will get the most protection for the least added bulk, with extra benefits such as wider ports and a safe, BPA-free material. If you want to check out RhinoShield cases for your device, head over to their site or follow the links below!

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