ProtectedApps Keeps Your Private Apps and Data Safe

ProtectedApps Keeps Your Private Apps and Data Safe

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As much as we would all like, our mobile devices aren’t always quite as private as we would assume. It’s often difficult to prevent others from getting a bit too comfortable with the content stored on our smartphones and tablets when we hand them over for entirely unrelated purposes. After all, it’s likely that most readers will have been in a situation where you needed to hand your device to somebody else to let them take a picture or make a phone call, only to find them browsing your saved pictures or call log afterward.

Luckily, you have quite a few tools at your disposal to prevent casual user snooping. There are various app lockers that we’ve covered here on the XDA Portal, and a new offering by XDA Senior Member defim hopes to take the app locker concept to the next level. Defim’s offering comes in the form of an application with Xposed functionality that is able to prevent certain applications from launching unless you enter the appropriate unlock code.

Since there are so many app lockers available, any new solution has to offer quite a bit of functionality to stand out. Luckily, ProtectedApps does this quite well. The app’s detection works both through app starts, as well as app usage. You can also define an unlock time, and enable or disable automatic locking. You can also configure notifications to show at all times, when unlocked, or never, as well as the type of security used. Finally, since the app uses Xposed Framework, it’s a bit more difficult to bypass through traditional means than other solutions.


If you’ve been looking for a new app locker to try out, give the Xposed-enabled ProtectedApps a shot. You can do so by heading over to the ProtectedApps application thread.