PS5 VR Headset will reportedly come with an HDR OLED Display and support for AAA Games

PS5 VR Headset will reportedly come with an HDR OLED Display and support for AAA Games

While the PS5 continues its dominance worldwide, gamers have been keen on finding out what’s up with Sony’s upcoming refresh for its VR headset, the PS VR. VR or Virtual Reality is gaining popularity since it simulates a real-world environment inside a game and gives you an immersive experience. Brands like Oculus and HTC have a notable presence in the VR market, and while Sony’s PlayStation VR did gain some traction, the company hasn’t gotten around to launching an updated version.

With the PS5 being on sale for a while, several rumors are floating around about the PS5 VR that is supposedly due to launch sometime next year. In fact, Sony showed off the next-gen controllers for the PS5 VR earlier this year, and there have been previous reports claiming that the VR headset from Sony may have a 4K resolution display, eye-tracking, and haptic feedback.


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Now, there are reports of a private conference that Sony held recently to brief developers about the PS5 VR, and leaked info from that briefing gives us a little more insight into what we can expect from the PS5 VR. The PSVR Without Parole YouTube channel posted a video highlighting these leaked specifications and features from the conference (via UploadVR).

The PS5 VR is expected to have a display resolution of 2000×2040 pixels per eye, which amounts to 4000×2040 pixels when combined. The headset is said to feature eye-tracking support as well. The device is apparently codenamed NGVR, which stands for Next-Generation VR, while the product’s actual name seems to be undecided as of now. PS5 VR may come with an OLED display with HDR support, according to this leak, and will have an FoV of 110 degrees.

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The new controllers will reportedly have touch-capacitive sensors for your fingers to determine their exact positioning when held. Sony apparently also mentioned that they’re working on getting AAA titles onboard for the PS5 VR. It’s also working on bringing hybrid VR support where traditional games for the PS5 will give users an option whether they want to play the flatscreen version of the game or the VR version.

As mentioned earlier, the PS5 VR isn’t ready for launch yet, and Sony plans on launching the headset sometime next year, probably in the second half of 2022. If you’re a fan of VR gaming, this certainly is great news, and it would be interesting to see what improvements the PS5 VR will bring compared to the last-gen headset.

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