PSA: Having cellular connectivity or texting issues tonight?

PSA: Having cellular connectivity or texting issues tonight?

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You’re not alone…

Tonight, many users are experiencing a myriad of problems related to their wireless carrier, be it with LTE connectivity, text messages not being received, delivered, or coming in late, or times of cellular outage. A look at shows spikes of reported problems at every major US carrier, all starting around the same time this evening and persisting into the early morning hours.

A potential cause for this communications disturbance could be the “leap second” that was added to atomic clocks yesterday, June 30th, 2015. A “leap second” occurs to keep these clocks in sync with the Earth’s rotation, which according to NASA, is gradually slowing down. The world’s computers are synced to this time as well, which could cause potential problems with older computer systems that do not correctly account for this extra second. Some will recall that, during the last “leap second” in 2012, Reddit had crashed, flights at Australia’s airports were delayed, and certain financial systems were affected as well. According to a tweet sent out earlier by Dyn Research, tonight’s “leap second” had caused around 5 minutes of transient global routing instability. At the time of this writing, however, no US carrier has reported any problems with their network.

If you’re seeing issues tonight, hang tight, as these should be sorted out in short order.