PSA: Latest Update to ES File Explorer Brings Adware to Your Lockscreen

PSA: Latest Update to ES File Explorer Brings Adware to Your Lockscreen

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We’ve talked about ES File Explorer before. This file manager was amongst one of the most popular file explorers in the post-Gingerbread era, and continues to ride up on its popularity and functionality. The app currently sits in the One Hundred Million to Five Hundred Million app installs, which is certainly an achievement.

However, recent changes to ES File Explorer is signalling its decline. And the newest update might just be the last straw that breaks the camels back, as ES File Explorer now bundles in adware. This adware comes in the form of DU Battery Booster, which adds in a lockscreen on your phone and brings ads directly to your lockscreen, irrespective of your choice. There was no intimation, no choice, no changelog to mention the same; all features which are characteristic of such deceptive “Booster” apps. Of course, users are not happy. The 1-star reviews have started flowing in:

Here is what the developer team has responded to one such rating:


If you now have an adware lockscreen on your device, it would be a good idea to check your installed apps and get rid of ES File Explorer.

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