Here’s How to Fix the Note5’s RAM Management

Here’s How to Fix the Note5’s RAM Management

Do you hate the RAM management of your Note5? Well, it turns out that if you have root, you can make it better. Yesterday, and once I was done with my Note5 review, I decided to dig around for the solution and it turns out it was there all along.

The same build.prop edit that made the S6 and Note 4 perform better seemingly works for the Note5 as well.

The fix involves editing your build.prop’s DHA properties. I personally tried it and can confirm it partially works, as shown in the video down below. However, please be careful and mindful, this is not an end-all fix and it most likely needs some extra tweaking before it works perfectly on every device. I was only able to test it for a few hours, and I found no performance issues, additional battery drain nor bugs. There still might be unintended consequences, however, so apply the fix at your own risk. That being said, it does seem to make RAM management better during actual usage. When the phone is idle for too long, though, the heavy applications appear to get kicked out of memory as usual.


Before going forward, make sure you understand the fix and make a backup of both your ROM and your build.prop file. This requires root to edit the build.prop, which you can do with a simple text editor or a dedicated app. In order to apply the fix, replace your DHA properties of your build.prop with the ones found in this article or in this thread. If you are missing some of them, just add them after the ones you do have. If you are missing all of them, adding them to the bottom may work (at least, it did with my Note 4).

I tried this on my Note5 and so far I have not encountered any issues. More testing is required, though, so if you are bold, apply the fix and tell us your results. It doesn’t seem to be risky, but please be mindful that it’s not a fix specific to the Note5 in particular, and that it doesn’t seem to entirely fix the problem. It might be wiser to simply wait for a better fix, as extended testing might reveal unintended consequences. That being said, the Note5’s RAM management can certainly improve, so XDA will find a way!


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