PSPDFKit 3.0 brings PDF Form Support and Dynamic Configuration Changes for Android Apps

PSPDFKit 3.0 brings PDF Form Support and Dynamic Configuration Changes for Android Apps

Android users have a ton of options when it comes to PDF readers. Google and Adobe’s offerings are by far the most popular, but there are some lesser known PDF readers that are fast, functional, and beautifully designed. We covered one such product called PDF Viewer by PSPDFKit GmbH, however at the time the product was still in its early release stage for Android devices. PSPDFKit offers more than just PDF Viewer – in fact, the company’s main focus is providing a powerful PDF Framework that other applications can use to implement PDF viewing/editing support. Enterprises such as Dropbox, Scribd, Box, Evernote, and others utilize this PDF Framework already. PDF Form support has not been available for the Android framework until just recently, though. The company recently announced version 3.0 of its PSPDFKit framework for Android which introduces PDF form and dynamic configuration support. This means that developers can add support for customizable PDF forms to their Android apps, and allow users to change certain parameters without restarting the PDF viewer.

PSPDFKit 3.0 Update

PDF Form Support

The update to PSPDFKit’s PDF Framework finally brings its Android feature set more in line with their framework offerings on other platforms. Developers using their PDF Forms API can build PDF Forms that fully support the AcroForm standard into their applications. Features such as push buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, and more can be incorporated into your Android app by using the framework.

In addition, the framework update introduces an easy form editing bar that is displayed either on the bottom of the screen or on top of the soft keyboard during text input. This bar makes it easier for users to navigate from input field to input field without having to manually tap each field. Users who have hardware keyboards can forego tapping on input fields or using the form editing bar by using keyboard navigation shortcuts such as pressing tab for moving between input fields and pressing the space bar to toggle the form’s value.

Dynamic Configuration Changes

Along with the introduction of PDF Form support, the 3.0 framework update also introduces the ability to modify the framework’s configuration at run-time. This means that users can change certain parameters such as themes (switching to/from dark mode) or page scrolling parameters without restarting the PDF viewing activity.

This feature is a small quality of life improvement for users so they don’t have to sit through the PDF document redrawing and then navigating to the page they were once viewing.

Regular users can take advantage of PSPDFKit 3.0’s new PDF Form support in the latest update for the PDF Viewer app. This was one of the major features initially missing from the PDF Viewer app, and alongside the performance and stability enhancements mentioned in the update notes, makes the PDF Viewer app one of the best PDF viewing and editing apps on the Play Store. Although, switching to night mode isn’t a feature that is available on the PDF Viewer app offered by PSPDFKit GmbH, so there’s still one feature that we hope eventually makes its way to the app.

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