18 Months Later, Can These Old Flagships Still Handle PUBG on Ultra Setting? Xiaomi Mi Mix2 Vs Google Pixel 2 XL (July 2019)

It has been 18 months after Xiaomi Mix2 and Google Pixel 2 XL released. They both have the same chipset (Snapdragon 835 with Adreno 540 GPU) with Xiaomi Mix2 has a higher RAM capacity (6GB vs 4GB). Let’s see which 18-month-old flagship can be better performed on the one of the hottest game-PUBG right now.


Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix2 Google Pixel 2 XL
CPU Snapdragon 835  Snapdragon 835 
GPU Adreno 540 Adreno 540
OS MIUI Gobal 10.3 stabel

Android 8.0.0

Android 9.0
Antutu Score 206,574 203,768

Benchmarking Process:

In order to push the phones toward their limits, we use GFX Tool made by our forums member tsoml to unlock the fps limit of the PUBG and set every other option to the highest.

As we can see the visual quality after GFX Tool is really good and almost reach console-grade.

We set both phones into airplane mode with wifi turned on, 100% in brightness and 50% in volume.  Enter the training mode, do the same routine on both phones with the help of an automatic clicker app and let it run for 25 min ( If you happened to see a nude guy like this running randomly in the PUBG training mode, I’m sorry)

Here are the results we get:

Xiaomi Mi Mix2 Google Pixel 2 XL
Avg FPS 33 28
Max FPS 54 41
Min FPS 19 1
Avg. Deviation 3.83 3.07
Battery Usage 510 mAh 492.8 mAh

Overall, Xiaomi Mix2 outperformed Google Pixel 2 XL with higher Fps rate. However, Xiaomi Mi Mix2 does feel a lot hotter then Pixel 2 XL during the benchmarking process, which means Pixel 2 XL do thermal limitation more aggressively.