PureVPN Excels Rigorous Audit & Sets an Industry Benchmark

PureVPN Excels Rigorous Audit & Sets an Industry Benchmark

VPN services will spend a lot of time pitching their services like geo-restriction bypass, server speeds, ad-block, and software features. These are all fantastic things to have, but privacy remains one of the main reasons people use a VPN. Users want to know that their internet traffic is private and not being logged. While most VPN companies will swear that they never save logs, PureVPN can actually guarantee it, thanks to a recent audit.

The past three audits of PureVPN have confirmed their no-logs policy. The first audit was conducted by Altius IT, with the second two done by KPMG. Now PureVPN is beginning a first-of-its-kind always-on audit. This means that they can be surprise-audited at any time, allowing the leading audit firm KPMG to check for any stored users logs.


Your privacy is as dear and respected to us as ours. Understandably, it becomes a more personal matter to ensure that your privacy is well-guarded in all manners and across the board.

To uphold your continuous trust and demonstrate our utter commitment to ensuring your privacy, we recently requested our second no-log audit, with the first being the Altius IT audit.

This time we asked one of the Big Four auditing firms, KPMG, to independently scrutinize our systems and assess our zero-log claims.


To conduct a complete audit of PureVPN’s systems, KPMG performed an in-depth inspection of the complete infrastructure. After the lengthy process was finished, their audit produced the following findings:

  • PureVPN doesn’t log a user’s origin IP address
  • PureVPN doesn’t log a user’s assigned VPN IP
  • PureVPN doesn’t log the specific time when a user connects to a VPN server
  • PureVPN doesn’t log a user’s activities through its VPN connection

With this new type of audit, users are able to have more trust in their VPN service. Hopefully, this trend will be implemented in other VPN companies as well, so people can have more confidence in no-log policy claims.

If you’re someone who takes their privacy seriously and wants to be sure that your VPN service is not logging your data, PureVPN might be the best choice for you.

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