Pushbullet Universal Copy/Paste Availabe for Linux, Mac OS X

Pushbullet Universal Copy/Paste Availabe for Linux, Mac OS X

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Pushbullet is one of those useful utilities that once installed, permanently resides on both your desktop and mobile device. This project is comprised of two elements: an Android application and a browser extension to communicate for your PC that communicates with your mobile device. These two combined allow some really nice functionality like sending links, sharing files, and even text messaging directly from your PC.

The project is under active development, and we can see new interesting features show up once in a while. The latest addition from XDA Forum Member guzba and his team member was implementing a copy/paste functionality to Linux and Mac OS X. This feature is quite handy when you browse the Internet using your phone. You can easily copy the URL in your phone and paste it in your desktop browser. Links are available without using custom sharing activities. It’s quite the innovative and useful feature.

Pushbullet has also announced that the universal copy/paste feature will be available on iOS very soon. If you are using Windows, you can use the native application. This doesn’t require your browser to be running in background.

If you haven’t used Pushbullet before and you’re looking for a remote device control app, we highly recommend giving this application a try. You can find more information regarding the project on the Pushbullet’s blog. You can also share your thoughts to developers by visiting Pushbullet’s official XDA thread.