Pushbullet gets updated with a Material Theme redesign, dark mode, and more

Pushbullet gets updated with a Material Theme redesign, dark mode, and more

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Pushbullet is a cross-platform app which lets you exchange files or messages between multiple mobile devices or PCs. You can also use it to view and reply to notifications on your smartphone using any connected device. After years of update limbo and seemingly everlasting appearance, Pushbullet is finally getting an update with Material Design graphics and adaptive icons.

In an official blog post, the Pushbullet team announced that the updates including Material Design, a new menu bar, and adaptive icons. Besides, there is a new Dark Mode, although with a catch. These features are currently available to only beta testers.

pushbullet pro

The old and the new navigation options in Pushbullet

Turning away from a side drawer for navigation, Pushbullet has now adopted a new bar at the bottom, inspired by a host of Google apps, like YouTube, Messages etc., to make the options easily accessible. These tabs, which now sit right on the main screen, hide when you’re typing something. This is in order to benefit from a larger area on the screen and to prevent any unintended clicks by accident.

Next, Pushbullet now supports adaptive icons, which means if you’re running Android Oreo or higher on your smartphone, you can choose a consistent theme for the shapes of icons. This small – yet significant – change makes Pushbullet visually appealing not just inside but even outside the app.

pushbullet dark mode

Another visually appealing feature is the new dark mode, intended to ease reading, especially in the cases of dim lighting or night, as well as to save the battery. It, however, only comes as part of the “Pushbullet Pro” package which will cost you $4.99 a month. Apart from the dark mode, the Pro subscription bumps the allotted storage space from 2GB in the free version to 100GB and lifts any limitations on the number of messages. It also adds support for universal copy-paste across all devices.

Pooling the dark mode with the Pro version, however, may not be very attractive for users. While many argue against paying for a dark mode, initial reactions on the blog reflect that users might be willing to buy the dark mode separately but not the complete package.

Nonetheless, since these features are currently in beta, Pushbullet should take note of its users’ voices. If you’re interested in testing out the new Material Theme and the new bottom bar, as well as the dark mode, you can enroll yourself as a beta tester.

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