QQDroid Brings You Quotes (and More Quotes) on Your (an)Droid

QQDroid Brings You Quotes (and More Quotes) on Your (an)Droid

You’ve surely perused the likes of FML and Bash.org to gather giggles in your free time. Thanks to XDA forum member malgon and his new application Quote Quote Droid, you can now do this from the convenience of your Android-based smartphone. The developer has created a quote aggregator currently supporting 12 websites. As an added bonus, the dev has made the source code available publicly.

The application currently supports the following English and French quote sites, with more added upon request:

  • FML (English)
  • Bash.org (English)
  • InsomniacThoughts.com (English)
  • Bashfr (French)
  • VieDeMerde (French)
  • ChuckNorrisFact (French)
  • PEBKAC (French)
  • Wiki Pourri (French)
  • Bash Tweet (French)
  • Brèves de trottoir (French)
  • WebAgency Fail (French)
  • Perles De Prof! (French)

Want an amusing way to spend your free time? If so, continue on to the application thread.

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