Qualcomm’s Adaptive ANC aims to make noise cancellation better on TWS earbuds regardless of fit

Qualcomm’s Adaptive ANC aims to make noise cancellation better on TWS earbuds regardless of fit

Noise Cancellation on truly wireless earbuds is fast gaining steam, thanks to several key launches like the Apple Airpods Pro, the Sony WF-1000XM3, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. But part of the active noise cancellation (ANC) game on these earbuds relies on noise isolation too, i.e. forming a tight enough seal in the ear. The Galaxy Buds Live fails to achieve good noise isolation, which is why its ANC hasn’t garnered as many rave reviews as the Sony WF-1000XM3’s have. Qualcomm wants to solve some of these issues, which is why they are now launching a new audio technology called the Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, aimed at OEMs wanting to deliver a superior noise cancellation performance on their TWS earbuds without relying as heavily on the fit of the earbuds.


For most of the current-generation ANC earbuds available in the market, the effectiveness of noise cancellation depends heavily on forming a tight earbud seal in a user’s ear. Qualcomm’s Adaptive ANC solves this issue as it’s designed to deliver a consistent sound quality and noise cancellation performance regardless of the fit or seal created by the earbuds. Adaptive ANC will dynamically adapt its performance as per the tightness of the earbuds’ seal and the level of leak through.

It can sometimes be difficult for OEMs to deliver consistent ANC performance because earbuds will not always have the same fit or be placed in the ear in the same way, and both how and where a consumer uses these devices can vary greatly. We have designed our Adaptive ANC to help customers deliver consistent performance levels and great sound for the largest possible number of consumers.”

James Chapman, Vice President and General Manager, Voice, Music, & Wearables, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

Another claimed benefit of Adaptive ANC is that it will seamlessly work across all modes. In other words, it’ll continue to provide noise cancellation as you switch from taking a call, to listening to music, to using a voice assistant without any interruption. Adaptive ANC can also offer automatic adjustments based on your surroundings, so it can increase the ANC strength when you’re in noisier environments or dial it down a notch when it detects quieter surroundings.

OEMs can use the Qualcomm Reference Design solution to quickly integrate the Adaptive ANC solution into their product. For those who want more differentiation, Qualcomm also provides an API to let OEMs further customize the solution to their liking and offer a unique experience. On top of that, OEMs will also have the choice to pick between different form factors, including fully occluded, semi-occluded, and non-occluded earbuds.

Adaptive ANC is available right now on as an add-on solution on Qualcomm’s QCC514x Bluetooth Audio SoC.

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