Qualcomm is Bringing Support for Amazon Web Services Greengrass to Select SoCs

Qualcomm is Bringing Support for Amazon Web Services Greengrass to Select SoCs

The Internet of Things is clearly a huge opportunity of growth for a lot of companies these days. The idea of a connected world has reinvigorated markets which haven’t seen innovation in decades and it’s starting to show that we’re only at the beginning of what is possible. Companies like Amazon, Google, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and dozens more are trying to get their foot in the space. While it tends to be too expensive for a lot of people, prices are dropping and its popularity is still on the rise.

Yesterday, it was announced that Qualcomm had partnered with Amazon to help companies accelerate the development of IoT products with edge processing capabilities using Amazon’s AWS Software Solution. Qualcomm has announced they will support Amazon Web Services Greengrass in select SoCs. A full list has not been announced yet, but the company did confirm that the APQ8016E application SoC (which is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410E) will be the first.

Qualcomm designed the Snapdragon 410E for its edge-processing capabilities, and they were able to do this by combining the compute power of diverse integrated engines, such as CPU, GPU and DSP. The company is also promising long-term support for this SoC and says it will be manufactured for a minimum of 10 years from its initial commercial launch date. This means that companies can lay out a roadmap that lasts until 2025.

Two companies are already on board with Amazon Web Services Greengrass support on the Snapdragon 410E including Advantech and Thundersoft. They didn’t go into detail about what they’re using it for, but they did confirm that both companies should have a commercial product available by the end of 2017. For those who were in the area, Qualcomm was at the AWS Greengrass launch event in San Francisco yesterday to show off various platforms including sensor monitoring and edge processing.

Source: Qualcomm

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