Qualcomm partners with Jacoti to bring hearing enhancement tech to true wireless earbuds

Qualcomm partners with Jacoti to bring hearing enhancement tech to true wireless earbuds

Qualcomm Technologies today announced a partnership with audio technology company Jacoti to bring the latter’s hearing enhancement software to the Qualcomm QCC5100 Series Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth SoCs. The integration will result in next-gen TWS earphones and Bluetooth headsets that provide accurate personalized hearing assistance to users with mild hearing impairments.

Talking about the partnership, Qualcomm’s Vice President and General Manager for Voice, Music & Wearables, James Chapman, said, “By working with Jacoti, we’re making hearing enhancement and personalization technology more accessible to consumers than ever before. For our customers, who are competing in a rapidly changing and crowded market, exciting technologies like this will provide a really interesting way to differentiate and enrich the end user experience.”


Thanks to Jacoti’s technology, upcoming TWS earphones and Bluetooth headsets featuring QCC5100 Bluetooth SoCs will give users access to a self-administered hearing test that will help them establish volume thresholds for their level of hearing. Jacoti’s companion app will also generate two audiograms, one for each ear, tailored specifically to the user. These audiograms will act as the user’s individual hearing prescription and they can be shared with audiologists for a more accurate diagnosis.


Earbuds featuring Jacoti’s software will be able to intercept incoming sound before it reaches the user’s ears and adjust the volume of the appropriate frequencies to compensate for the user’s individual hearing deficiencies. The software will also protect the user from sounds that can cause further damage. The algorithms and correction parameters will be stored on the earbuds, which will allow users to pair with any source device without any additional calibration.

While Jacoti’s software will be supported on all Bluetooth earphones with the aforementioned Qualcomm chip, vendors will have to purchase a license from Jacoti to enable the feature on their devices. TWS earphones and Bluetooth headsets featuring this technology are expected to make it to the market in the first half of 2021.

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