Quick Reply from the Lock Screen will soon return to Android Nougat

Quick Reply from the Lock Screen will soon return to Android Nougat

One of the many welcomed new features in Android Nougat is the ability to reply to notifications in a pop-up without having to switch applications, a feature we’ve come to label “Quick Reply.”

The feature made its debut in the first Android Nougat Developer Preview, and with the second Developer Preview the feature was further expanded to work even when your phone is locked without having to input your pin/password.

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Quick Reply from the Notification Shade

However, when the fifth Developer Preview was released, it appears that Google rolled back the ability to quickly reply to a notification from the lock screen, as mentioned by users on our forums. Currently, any users running either the fifth Developer Preview or the official release of Android Nougat must enter their lock screen pin or password before they can reply to a notification.

Fortunately, it appears that the feature has not been abandoned and may in fact return in a future release of Android Nougat. If you follow the SVP of Android on Twitter, Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) then you’re likely aware that the Android team sometimes solicits feedback online. This time, one Twitter user by the name of Ademir Carrizales (@ademircm) asked Mr. Lockheimer whether or not the Quick Reply feature from the lock screen would be making a return – to which the Director of UX for Android, Glen Murphy (@gmurphy), responded that the team “plan[s] to bring it back as soon as we can.”

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So there you have it, quick replies from the lockscreen will return in a future release of Nougat. We can’t say exactly which future release will include the feature, but it’s nice to hear confirmation from Google that the feature will eventually return.

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