QuickEdit, a Sleek and Quick Text Editor

QuickEdit, a Sleek and Quick Text Editor

If you’ve worked on a development/design project in the past, you likely found yourself wanting to edit a source file you’ve been working on, or create a quick one for an idea you’ve just had. There aren’t many text editors on Android that excel at this, but QuickEdit Text Editor by XDA Forum Member rhmsoft might be one of them. It combines many needed features for code editing with a neat interface, and then adds some more tricks.

QuickEdit Text Editor comes with all the options you’d expect from an advanced text editor: syntax highlighting for languages you’re likely to work with, line numbering, indentation, undo/redo support and more. A dark theme is also available (and it looks beautiful on AMOLED screens).


It also has several features that make code editing less frustrating on mobile devices such as fast scroll support, current line highlighting and powerful search/replace functionality (that can be launched using your device’s search button, a small detail many text editors forget about).

Where QuickEdit truly shines, though, is editing large files. Other text editors either trim large files or take a good while to load them, but still lag noticeably when scrolling (even on the more powerful devices). QuickEdit, on the other hand, is very quick to load even the largest files, and shows no lag when scrolling or editing.

It’s worth noting that QuickEdit doesn’t support editing remote files directly at the moment. However, most popular hosts (e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox) either integrate with the Android file picker (allowing you to open a remote file directly from QuickEdit), or let you edit your files through their respective apps.

If you’re interested, make sure to head over to the QuickEdit Text Editor application thread to get started!

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