Raspberry Pi 2 Released

Raspberry Pi 2 Released

Just a few hours ago, the Raspberry Pi 2 was released. This has been a much awaited device by myself, and undoubtedly everyone else who has heard of the Raspberry Pi in our community.

The Pi 2 sports BCM2836 SoC, which packs a quad core cortex-a7 CPU at 900MHZ. This is a huge jump from the previous single core 700MHZ ARM11 CPU.
The memory has also been bumped up to 1GB of SDRAM compared to the previous 512mb.

The form factor is the same as the Pi B+ model, with the same screw placements. This means you don’t need to get rid of your old cases. They can be re-purposed.

Since the Pi 2 has a BCM2836 SoC, it may be possible that Android will be coming. However don’t count on it. I’ve not been able to find any current Android device that uses this SoC. It may be that we will need sources or blobs from Broadcom, and after last time, I doubt this will happen anytime soon.

To top it all off, The Pi 2 officially supports Windows 10. For details on what Windows 10 for devices can do, check out their page.

Finally, this isn’t just an announcement. You can actually go and buy it right now at the price of $35 (£22.85). Go and get yours while they’re still in stock.

For more information, check out the Raspberry Pi 2 blog.

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