Rawad Rants About the Size of Charging Cables

Rawad Rants About the Size of Charging Cables

In this newest installment of Rawad Rants, Rawad freaks out about the short length of the charging cables that ship with your phone.

For one reason or another, OEMs insist on packaging the smallest cable possible with your new phone. Over the years it seems they have gradually become shorter. We are now at the point where my phone can barely rest on the edge of the table wile charging, and the outlet is right underneath it! Recently I had to order a portable battery pack just so thet I could still use my phone at my desk, while it is charging. In Rawad’s case, he soldered two of his cables together in order to get the length he wanted.

One of the reasons thrown out there for the small cables is that it helps your phone charge quicker. However the difference in charge time between a 1 meter cable and a 3 meter cable is going to be almost non-existent.

Check out the video to see Rawad’s full rant.


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