Save $50 on the Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma keyboard and get compact, clicky quality

Save $50 on the Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma keyboard and get compact, clicky quality

Recently, I learned about how great tenkeyless (or TKL keyboards, an acronym I just learned) are. I work on a notoriously small desk, but for some reason, I thought I needed a full keyboard. I thought I absolutely needed that numerical keypad, that I simply could not work without it. It must have been my former accountant training talking. But I’ve finally seen the error of my ways, and a mechanical TKL keyboard has given me way more room on my desk while still getting the job done splendidly. This brings me to the Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2!

Razer’s premium TKL keyboard is not actually the keyboard I use, as I opted out for Aukey’s mechanical, blue switch TKL option, but it’s really hard to knock the BlackWidow TE Chroma. This keyboard offers everything you’d expect from the full-sized BlackWidow in terms of quality but nixes the numerical pad and the media control buttons for a more compact experience. And really, who uses those media buttons? Even on my last full keyboard, where the media buttons worked flawlessly, I rarely used the things.


So if you’re not exactly on the up-and-up with Razer’s products (which you should check out), what will you expect with the Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2? You’ll have a keyboard built with Razer’s custom green keyboard switches, which provide a tactile and clicky experience. You’ll also get great RGB backlighting and the ability to program some of your own macros. Let’s not for the wrist rest either–that’s important for your wrist health!

At Amazon, Razer has taken $50 off the MSRP, bringing this compact but quality keyboard down to $90. It’s the perfect time to pick one up!

    Who needs a numerical keypad? The BlackWidow TE Chroma is $50 off at Amazon, and has a lot to offer while remaining compact!

If you still want a full keyboard… well, you’re in luck! The Razer BlackWidow Elite is also on sale, down to $130.

    Need a full keyboard? The BlackWidow Elite is also on sale! Get $40 off this green switch keyboard today.

Whichever keyboard you want, don’t delay, as who knows how long this sale will last!

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