Razer Cortex update adds a new “Analyzer” feature with an FPS counter and other gaming options

Razer Cortex update adds a new “Analyzer” feature with an FPS counter and other gaming options

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Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer made its debut in the smartphone world back in 2017. The company is responsible for kickstarting the “gaming smartphone” trend with the original Razer Phone, which featured a Snapdragon 835 SoC, a 120Hz QHD LCD panel, a 4,000mAh battery, and a near-stock Android build. Razer followed that up with the Razer Phone 2 (review) which featured some minor design changes, hardware upgrades, and a few additional software features to improve gaming performance. This included the Razer Cortex game launcher, which was designed to help you play every game in its most optimal settings. Soon after the launch, Razer partnered with Chinese conglomerate Tencent to enhance the gaming performance on Razer’s smartphones even further. As part of the deal, the company worked with Tencent to optimize games like PUBG Mobile to work well with Razer Cortex. Now, Razer is rolling out an update for the app bringing even more new features into the mix.

Razer Cortex update

According to a recent post from Reddit, the latest update for Razer Cortex brings a new feature called Analyzer which includes useful things like a native FPS counter, a connection lock feature to prevent users from accidentally switching off Bluetooth and WiFi, and a screen brightness lock.

Additionally, the Analyzer also includes a Gaming Data Analysis tool that you can use to keep a track of the time you’ve spent playing games on your phone, the type of games you played the most, and the length of an average gaming session. Along with the new features, the Razer Cortex update also includes performance enhancements and bug fixes to address several issues in the app. The Razer Cortex update is live and rolling out to Razer Phone 2 users right now. In case you haven’t received the update yet, Razer recommends enabling the app auto-update feature on your device to receive it as soon as possible.

Via: Reddit