Razer is shutting down the Forge TV Games store and OUYA service in June

Razer is shutting down the Forge TV Games store and OUYA service in June

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Modern Android TV set-top boxes have made playing Android games on your TV pretty painless, but it wasn’t always like this. The Razer Forge TV and OUYA were a couple of devices that aimed to bring Android gaming to the living room back in the day. They have fallen by the wayside in recent years and now they are being officially shut down.

OUYA started on Kickstarter back in 2012 with the promise of bringing Android gaming to the big screen. It was a very successful campaign, bringing in over $8 million when it was all said and done. The actual device and platform, however, was not very popular and Razer acquired the company in 2015. The OUYA hardware was discontinued as Razer launched the Forge TV, but that device was only sold for around 6 months.

Most users have probably long moved on from OUYA and the Forge TV, but services for these platforms have been running all this time. Razer has informed developers that the Forge TV Games Store and OUYA service will finally be shut down on June 25th, 2019. The Forge TV will still function just like any other Android TV set-top box, and the Android and iOS apps will remain operational as well.

If you have any funds in your account, there will be no way to redeem for use outside of the services. So you should use it up before the shut down date. Accounts will be deactivated on the shutdown date and you will have no access to games on their servers. Downloaded games will be accessible, so users should download any titles they want to continue to play. For more information about what happens after the shutdown date, read Razer’s FAQ page.