Razer launches a limited Boba Fett-themed Xbox controller

Razer launches a limited Boba Fett-themed Xbox controller

Star Wars and Xbox fans can get a new Xbox Wireless Controller inspired by the character of Boba Fett, thanks to Razer. The launch ties in with the upcoming premiere of the Disney+ show, The Book of Boba Fett. The controller is officially licensed by Microsoft, and it’s apparently a limited edition, so you may want to grab it while you can. Razer has been partnering with Microsoft fairly often, having recently launched some Halo Infinite-themed peripherals for PC gamers.

While Microsoft doesn’t seem to have designed the controller itself, it’s made to replicate the feel of the official Xbox Wireless Controller for the Xbox Series X|S. This includes the eight-way D-pad, all the same face buttons and sticks, and textured grips on the back of the controller. However, there are some extra features, like “impulse analog triggers”  that vibrate and are pressure sensitive.


Another big difference is that this controller has a rechargeable battery out of the box, while the official models still use replaceable batteries. That’s because this controller also includes Razer’s charging stand, which you may already be familiar with since Razer sells it separately for the official Xbox Wireless Controller. This will keep your controller charged in addition to displaying its design for everyone to see.

And the design is probably the biggest reason you’d want to buy the Razer Limited Edition Boba Fett Xbox Wireless Controller, so it makes sense to show it off. Both the controller and the stand are painted to look like the helmet of the iconic Star Wars character, with the two pieces together painting the complete picture.

The bundle costs $179.99, which is a bit steep, but it makes sense for a limited edition product. Plus, you’re getting all the features of the official Xbox controller, including both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless support, so you can use it on your console, PC, and smartphone. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, the design might just win you over.

Despite having just launched, the controller already appears to be out of stock at Amazon, but you can still buy it on Razer’s website (at writing time). You can check your preferred retailer below.

    Star Wars fans can now hold Boba Fett's helmet while playing their favorite games with this controller. The included stand keeps the controller charged so it's always ready.

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