Razer launches Kiyo X and Ripsaw X to make streaming more affordable

Razer launches Kiyo X and Ripsaw X to make streaming more affordable

Razer today announced two new products aimed at up-and-coming streamers, the Kiyo X and Ripsaw X. These new products are meant to make the world of streaming more accessible to newcomers, offering affordable and simple solutions to get started. As usual of Razer, the X name denotes that these are affordable versions of existing products, specifically the Kiyo webcam and the Ripsaw HD capture card.

Starting with the Razer Kiyo X, it takes the essentials of the Kiyo webcam, including up to 1080p/30FPS streaming, or 720p/60FPS. It also comes with autofocus support and customizable settings using Razer Synapse. However, instead of the having a built-in ring light, the Kiyo X with a Razer Virtual Ring Light software, which uses the computer monitor as a light source to light up the scene. It’s a strange workaround, but it shaves $20 off the price of the original Kiyo so it may a good option, especially if you already have solid lighting.


Overhead view Razer Kiyo X mounted on a monitor

As for the Ripsaw X, it’s also a more limited version of the Razer Ripsaw HD capture card, but it can still capture video at up to 4K and 30 frames per second, so you can stream high-quality gameplay from most modern consoles. What the original Razer Ripsaw offered, however, was video passthrough, so you’d be able to manage your stream on one screen while playing on a separate screen. The Razer Ripsaw X only outputs to the PC you connect it to.

On the other hand, the original Ripsaw HD could only stream video at up to 1080p and 60FPS, since it used a lot of bandwidth for the 4K passthrough to your game screen. Because there’s only one output here, it supports 4K captures, too.  It does require HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible devices, but that shouldn’t be hard to find. You can also use it with cameras and other devices that output via HDMI.

Razer Ripsaw X connected to a camera and laptop

Both the Razer Kiyo X and Ripsaw X are available today. The Razer Kiyo X webcam costs $79.99, and the Ripsaw X capture card costs $139.99. The devices join the Seiren X microphone in Razer’s lineup of affordable streaming gear. You can buy them using the links below.

    The Razer Kiyo X is a fairly basic streaming webcam that supports up to 1080p and 30FPS video, along with autofocus. It also includes the Razer Virtual Ring Light software.
    The Razer Ripsaw X is a no-frills capture card for game streaming. It can capture up to 4K video at 30FPS, and it works with most streaming software.

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