Grab the perfect mid-range noise-canceling headphones, the Razer Opus, for just $150

Grab the perfect mid-range noise-canceling headphones, the Razer Opus, for just $150

As someone that’s not an audiophile, I tend to have trouble finding the right pair of headphones to buy. Most people will usually recommend the best of the best, like the high-end Sony or Bose headphones, or go in the opposite direction with a $30 brand I’ve never heard of that’ll break in a couple of months. Finding recommendations for mid-range headphones seem impossible! But the Razer Opus headphones seem to be the perfect mid-range pick, and they’re currently $50 off!

In his Razer Opus review, Mishaal Rahman stated that “were I to make a new purchase today, I would choose to get the Razer Opus over the Sony XM3.” Bold words, but seeing as Sony’s headphones are regularly over $300 while the Opus’ MSRP is only $200, it’s very understandable. These active noise-canceling headphones provide a comparable experience for a far smaller hit on your wallet. It can be difficult for most people to justify a $150 upcharge for what may be seen as a negligible upgrade.


On sale for just $150, the Razer Opus manages to talk the tightrope between affordability and quality. The active noise canceling works great, nor did the ANC and lack of ambient noise coming through unnerve Mishaal while reviewing them. The Opus also has a long battery life, running through an entire day before needing a recharge. There is also the Auto-Pause and Auto-Play features that activate when you put the headphones around your neck and back onto your head, though its activation doesn’t seem to always work.

Available at the $150 price point in both Midnight Blue and Classic Black, you can’t go wrong with these headphones.

    Save $50 on these mid-range headphones at Amazon! Available in Classic Black and Midnight Blue, you'll enjoy the ANC in these headphones without the heavy hit to your wallet.

Of course, Razer has plenty of other items on sale, and you can view everything at their Amazon store. From computer accessories to Android controllers, you’re not likely to come away disappointed.

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