The Razer Phone 2 may have Chroma LED effects for notifications

The Razer Phone 2 may have Chroma LED effects for notifications

It wasn’t much of a surprise when Razer acquired the company behind the Nextbit Robin that they had plans to enter the smartphone market in some way or another. Then, late last year, the Razer Phone was launched with its flagship feature being a 120Hz display and its focus on mobile gaming. It was recently confirmed that the Razer Phone would not be the last smartphone from them and the Razer Phone 2 could actually end up launching before the end of 2018. Now, we are seeing the rumor mill begin to ramp up as we’ve learned the Razer Phone 2 could incorporate the company’s Chroma LED effects that they are so well-known for.

You may or may not know the current trends happening within the PC industry right now. Besides virtually every piece of hardware being slapped with “gaming” jargon in an attempt to increase sales, RGB has been used as another selling point as well. RBG in the PC industry is one of those divisive features that has split the community as some people simply do not care about it while others really enjoy the visual effects. Razer has been a huge proponent in the RGB side of things and with that comes their Razer Chroma platform.

And I do say platform because the company has their own HDK (hardware development kit) for it and everything. Its purpose is to allow someone who has the proper setup to sync the RGB effects they are using. Whether these RGBs are LED strips inside your computer, the LED lights under the keycaps of your keyboard, the LEDs in your mouse, or even some additional strips that you may have installed behind your PC monitor. So Roland Quandt has been quite accurate in his Android rumors and a recent tweet of his claims that Razer is currently working to integrate Chroma LED effects into their upcoming Razer Phone 2.

It looks as if the company is working with Texas Instruments to get this working properly and if everything goes smoothly then we will see it in action each time the Razer Phone 2 receives a notification. We’re not sure if this will be a simple LED light or something more extreme. Either way, it could be cool.

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