Customize the Razer Phone 2 with custom boot splash screens [Root]

Customize the Razer Phone 2 with custom boot splash screens [Root]

The Razer Phone was the device responsible for kickstarting several current trends seen in modern smartphones these days, including the gaming smartphone trend as well as the high refresh rate trend. It is also, for a change, a surprisingly developer-friendly device, and the same can be said for its successor, the Razer Phone 2. That device, launched last year, is still a beast even by today’s standards with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, 8GB of RAM, and a slick 120Hz LCD. And the beautiful thing about Android modding is how you can change pretty much every aspect of your device inside and out, and with the Razer Phone 2, it is no different.


Razer Phone 2 XDA Forum

If you want to switch up your boot splash screen a bit, either because you want to modernize it a bit or you simply crave something a bit different, there is a number of alternatives available over at the forums, including the new Android logo, the Google logo, or the classic Razer logo.

You can choose from the different available options and install it using the command:

fastboot flash splash filename.img

The stock splash screen is also available if you want to revert back to the original splash screen.

It goes without saying that this mod, as well as any other similar modifications, requires root access, which you can easily obtain by unlocking your bootloader and flashing Magisk to your device. Check it out now!

Check out custom boot splash screens for the Razer Phone 2!

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