Razer Phone 2 prototype with 512GB storage, dual SIM, and a THX logo appears online

The Razer Phone 2 was announced nearly a year ago in October of 2018. Back in April, Razer released a Satin Black version of the phone. It looks like another special model is in the works as a member of our forums posted photos of a Razer Phone 2 with a THX logo on the back. There’s more to this special edition than THX branding.

XDA Senior Member kountry83 posted photos of a Razer Phone 2 with a THX logo on the back of the device. While that alone would be interesting, there’s more to unpack. The build of the device is June 2018, it has 512GB of storage, dual SIM, widevine L1 support, a different hard key combo to get into recovery, and bootloader unlocked already (with DRMs intact).

For reference, the original Razer Phone 2 launched with 64GB or 128GB storage variants and only a single SIM slot. THX is an audio company that develops hi-fi tech for everything from movie theaters to in-car audio systems. The original Razer Phone 2 features great stereo front-facing speakers with dual amplifiers and Dolby Atmos. THX certification would take the audio experience up another level.

Razer Phone 2 XDA Forums

The THX model appears to be a prototype that was mistakenly sent to the forum member. We don’t know much else about this mysterious model, but it’s an interesting discovery. Razer was said to have scrapped the Razer Phone 3 earlier this year, but that was later disputed. It would be odd to launch a slightly upgraded Razer Phone 2 nearly a year after the original. It’s also very possible this variant will never get an official launch. Would you be interested in a THX Razer Phone 2?

Source: XDA Forums

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