Razer Phone 2 update improves the color, brightness, and HDR of the camera

Razer Phone 2 update improves the color, brightness, and HDR of the camera

Razer shocked the smartphone industry when they acquired Nextbit and everyone was curious what would come of it. The company had previously released the Razer Forge TV, and while we wouldn’t call it a failure, it didn’t grab the attention as much as other set-top boxes on the market at that time. They ended up releasing the Razer Phone with a 120Hz display (one of the first available in the world) and followed that up with the Razer Phone 2. This week the company announced a new OTA update for their latest smartphone which shows they are focusing on the camera experience.

Razer Phone 2 XDA Forum

The quality of the photographs can make or break whether a phone can become a success these days. Unless the company is selling their device for $300 to $400 or less, it’s difficult to compete in the high-end segment if your camera produces sub par images. The thing is, it is incredibly difficult to produce images that can compete with the likes of the Pixel 3, Galaxy Note 9, and Huawei P20 Pro. However, if a company doesn’t sell a phone for a certain price then their profit margins can’t keep them afloat and they end up having to shut down the mobile division.

The Razer Phone 2 is currently selling for $700 on Amazon and it’s fair to say that it simply cannot compete with other Android cameras in that price bracket. We recently did a piece on how the Google Camera port can improve the images of the Razer Phone 2. Ports of the Google Camera have been able to improve the image quality of a lot of devices but that hasn’t slowed Razer down. Their software engineers are still working very hard to improve the quality of images for those who don’t want to sideload an application.

Let’s face it, not everyone thinks their gaming phone needs to produce the best photos on the market. Still, if you own the Razer Phone 2, then you can look forward to a new OTA update that makes the following changes:

Razer Phone 2 Changelog

  • Camera
    • Improved color for richer more vibrant shots
    • Improved brightness for warmer tones and details
    • Improved HDR for more consistent shot detection and processing
  • Audio fixes and improvements
  • Other bug fixes

So even if you don’t take a lot of photos with your Razer Phone 2 then you can look forward to the audio enhancements and the random bugs that have been squashed in this new update that’s currently rolling out.


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