[Deal] Get the Razer Phone 2 for $350 off if you join Verizon

[Deal] Get the Razer Phone 2 for $350 off if you join Verizon

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We recently published our review of the Razer Phone 2 and we came away impressed by the device’s gaming abilities. A device like the Razer Phone 2 isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t have trendy slim bezels and there’s no notch in sight. However, it’s an awesome device for people who do a lot of gaming on the go, but the full retail price may be a bit steep for some. If you play your cards right, you can get the Razer Phone 2 right now for $350 off.

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The Razer Phone 2 is currently on sale at Amazon, Microsoft Store, and Best Buy. All three places are offering $100 off the retail price of $799.99. Verizon is also offering a deal on Razer’s latest phone that matches up perfectly with these other deals. If you bring a Razer Phone 2 over from another carrier you will get a $250 prepaid Mastercard. So if you buy the phone from Amazon, Microsoft Store, or Best Buy for $100 off, then bring it to Verizon, you’re looking at a total of $350 in savings.

All of these deals will be available until February 7th. Whether you’re looking to switch to Verizon, or just want to get the phone for $100 off, this is a nice deal. Hit the links below to check out the phone at the purchase places, and don’t forget to read our review before making a purchase.

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