The Razer Phone 3 may not have been cancelled, claims new report

The Razer Phone 3 may not have been cancelled, claims new report

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Razer is one of the newest players in the smartphone industry. The company has been known for making gaming devices, gadgets, and accessories for various platforms. They even have some laptops, but it’s only been two years since they decided to step into the competitive Android mobile market. Thankfully, both of their devices, the Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2, have been positively received by the community. The phones even introduced some game-changing features like the first 120Hz variable refresh rate display on a mobile device sold outside of Japan and an RGB-controlled logo on the glass back, as well as bringing back old trends like big batteries and dual stereo speakers. Surprisingly, last month Droid-Life shared an anonymous tip alleging that Razer had decided to cancel the Razer Phone 3.

The tip came about after an official announcement by Razer about closing the Razer Game Store. After the publication reached out to the company for further clarification, they reported that about 30 employees (or about 2% of the total employees) were laid off. Many others have been transferred to other projects from the mobile division. This unfortunate news made many think that Razer was completely shifting its focus away from its mobile devices. However, according to a new report from DigiTimes, the Razer Phone 3 is still in the works. The publication called the device “Razer 3,” but that’s most likely a typo as the sudden change of the name is highly unlikely. That would also make little to no sense as Razer releases hundreds of products in various categories.

DigiTimes also reports that the device will be released in 2019, but the exact date is still unknown. It is obvious that the company is aiming for the gaming-centric mobile industry to compete with. In the end, they are pioneers in this segment that is seeing more and more competition.

Source: DigiTimes