Hands-on Video of the Razer Phone Reveals its Design, Specs, Pricing and Release Window

Hands-on Video of the Razer Phone Reveals its Design, Specs, Pricing and Release Window

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Update: The Razer Phone is now official! Read all about the hardware specs, software features, price and launch date.

Nextbit had a dedicated enthusiast following when they successfully crowdfunded their first and only smartphone (the Nextbit Robin) back in 2015. The phone had a unique design and the stock Android experience that many are looking for. Some were initially skeptical at the prospect behind the team’s acquisition by Razer, but shortly after that it was revealed that they were working on another smartphone under the Razer brand. The device is said to be officially unveiled later today, but a (now deleted) early hands-on video shows us what to expect from it.

The first thing that is obvious from this video is the design of the device. The Nextbit Robin had a very square and sharp edge design to it and we can see the Razer Phone will be similar in that respect. The color scheme is different, though, and we’re looking at metal build materials. The video shows off what looks like a matte black finish and the Razer logo right on the back of the device. The top and bottom bezels are definitely bigger than what the trend is shifting to, but they are boasting two stereo speakers (each with its own amp).

Inside, it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GBs of RAM, 64GBs of internal storage, and a 4,000mAh capacity battery. While it may not be as thin as some of the newer and more popular smartphones, it seems to definitely be taking advantage of the internal space it has. The company is known for their gaming laptops and desktops so this smartphone having 8GBs of RAM and enough battery life to keep you gaming for a while shows it fits right in with their target demographic.

The Razer Phone has a 5.7″ IGZO LCD panel that runs at 120HZ so this makes it the first smartphone sold in Western markets to have such a display. We’ve seen Apple shift to 120HZ panels on the the iPad, and similarly we would expect the result to be that the UI is very smooth (especially with scrolling). Lastly, the back of the device houses dual 12MP camera with one being a wide angle lens and the other being a telephoto lens. The device is said to go on sale sometime this month at a $700 price point.