Razer introduces new Pro mouse and keyboard for productivity

Razer introduces new Pro mouse and keyboard for productivity

Razer has unveiled a pair of new products in its Pro line, the Pro Type Ultra keyboard and the Pro Click Mini mouse. Unlike Razer’s most popular accessories, these aren’t meant for gaming, they’re more so geared towards productivity, and they build on the existing Pro Type and Pro Click.

A big new feature Razer is touting with the new pair of devices is that they come with Razer Productivity Dongle. This dongle uses the company’s HyperSpeed technology for wireless accessories, and it allows you to connect the Razer Pro Type Ultra and Pro Click Mini to the same dongle, so you only use up one USB port on your PC.


The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a more advanced version of the original Pro Type, and it includes Razer’s Yellow switches, which the company describes as “linear and silent”. The original Pro Type used Orange switches, which were “tactile and silent”. Another change with the Pro Type Ultra is that it includes a wrist rest, keeping your hands more comfortable during long work sessions and preventing hand straining.

Razer Pro Type Ultra

The Razer Pro Type Ultra also touts much better battery life than its predecessor. Razer says it can last up to 214 hours when connected via Bluetooth, or 207 hours when connected via Razer’s HyperSpeed wireless technology. That’s a big jump from the maximum 84 hours promised by the original Razer Pro Type. And just like before, you can also use it with a wired USB Type-C connection while it charges.

Otherwise, not much has changed from the original Razer Pro Type. It’s a full-size keyboard including a number pad and it uses a plain white backlight to make the keys more visible while retaining a professional look. The ABS keycaps have a soft-touch finish for additional comfort, and the switches are rated for 80 million presses.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra is available for $159.99 from Razer directly as well as other retailers. You can buy it below.

    A premium productivity keyboard with silent switches and a soft wrist rest.

Meanwhile, the Razer Pro Click Mini is a more compact version of the original Razer Pro Click, and it makes a few changes. For starters, of course, it’s smaller in just about every dimension, so it’s easier to take with you anywhere. However, it’s not all positives. The mouse no longer uses a rechargeable battery, and instead requires one or two AA batteries to work. You can use just one AA battery if you want a lighter mouse (88 grams) or add a second one to give you more battery life (up to 725 hours) while making it heavier (111 grams).

Razer Pro Click

The Razer Pro Click Mini also comes with 12,000 DPI maximum sensitivity (versus 16,000 on the original), which also means lower speed and acceleration. The switches on the mouse are rated for 15 million clicks (versus 50 million on the regular Pro Click), but on the bright side, Razer says these are silent, so you don’t have to attract everyone’s attention if you’re using it in public. The Razer Pro Click Mini has a total of 7 programmable buttons via Razer Synapse, which is one less button than the Pro Click had, but you get 5 onboard memory profiles, while the original Pro Click only had one.

It comes with a tilt-capable scroll wheel, and it also allows you to change between tactile click scrolling and a free spin mode, though it doesn’t change automatically. There’s a switch at the bottom that lets you change between modes as needed.

Based on Razer’s marketing, the Razer Pro Click Mini the only one that supports the Razer Productivity Dongle to connect both the keyboard and mouse, so that’s an advantage for the smaller model. The Razer Pro Click Mini mouse is available today for $79.99, which is $20 less than the standard size.

    The Razer Pro Click Mini is a compact productivity mouse with silent switches and a sleek design.

Finally, Razer also announced the Pro Glide XXL mouse pad today. This is a mouse pad meant to cover your entire desk, giving you all the space you could need to mouse your mouse around comfortably and with reliable tracking. It uses the same color(less) scheme as the other two peripherals, so it complements them fairly well. The Razer Pro Glide XXL costs $29.99 and you can buy it below.

    The Razer Pro Glide XXL is a very large mousepad that's suitable for professional settings and matches Razer's productivity suite perfectly.

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