The new Razer Viper V2 Pro could be the best wireless gaming mouse yet

The new Razer Viper V2 Pro could be the best wireless gaming mouse yet

Razer’s steady flow of new hardware continues with the reveal of its newest — and possibly best ever — gaming mouse, the Viper V2 Pro. As with its predecessors, the Viper V2 Pro has been designed in partnership with esports professionals to be the mouse for competitive gaming. On the outside things look about the same, but there are small changes. It’s underneath where the real updates are found, though.

Starting with the design, the Viper V2 Pro retains its symmetrical shape. It is, unfortunately, no longer a truly ambidextrous mouse, though. The programmable buttons are now only on the left-hand side to be used with the right thumb. This means there are also fewer, but based on the target audience it’s probably not something that will be missed. The positioning of those that are now omitted never really made them comfortable to use, but it’s a little disappointing that left-handers will miss out this time.


With the Viper V2 Pro, Razer has doubled down on the key areas that the most demanding gamers will appreciate. The Viper V2 Pro is now even lighter than its already absurdly light predecessors by 20% at 58g, all without sacrificing on build quality. Additionally, battery life is better, Razer’s latest generation switches are used and the sensor is even more ridiculously fast and accurate.

Razer Viper V2 Pro

They’re calling it the Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor and it’s pretty descriptive of what it’s all about. The DPI goes up to 30,000 but more importantly, the resolution accuracy is 99.8%. Razer’s smart features are back, including Smart Tracking, Motion Sync and Asymmetric Cut-off, and the latter of those has been enhanced significantly. It now supports 26 different levels of cut-off compared to just three in the older model. This means more control over setting the lift-off and landing distances to suit individual playstyles.

The Gen 3 optical mouse switches promise no double-click issues and no debounce delay. They’re now rated for 90 million clicks, which is a 25% uptick over the previous gen. The combination of these factors, Razer says, was the key driver for the Viper V2 Pro.

“We’ve been gathering critical feedback from our players throughout development of the mouse and time and time again we heard that weight, sensors, and switches far and away were most important. We doubled down on all three of those and the result really speaks for itself: try it and you’ll never let it go.”

Also updated on the Viper V2 Pro is the charging, now using USB-C, and the wireless charger of old appears to be no more. The DPI switch remains on the bottom out of harm’s way, there’s an extender for the wireless dongle if you need it and you can get one in either black or white. Price? The Viper V2 Pro goes on sale on May 10 for $150.

I used a Razer Viper Ultimate for quite some time because it really was that good. I wish it made me a better gamer, but the lightweight body, the size and design, and the performance were incredible. The Viper V2 Pro should be another step up again, so it really could end up being the top dog for competitive gamers. It certainly looks like a potent companion to the latest Razer Blade gaming laptop.

    Razer's newest mouse for pro gamers builds on everything that made the Viper Ultimate good and turns it up a notch.

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