This app lets you tweak hidden settings and use custom themes in Gboard

This app lets you tweak hidden settings and use custom themes in Gboard

Google’s Gboard is among the most popular keyboard apps for Android, and it been updated quite a lot over the years. Recently, the app gained the ability to use the colors generated by Android 12‘s “monet” theme engine to dynamically change the appearance of its UI elements. Despite this added customizability, power users may still find Gboard’s default theming options a bit inadequate. If you’re a modding enthusiast looking to spice up the look and feel of your keyboard, check out Rboard Theme Manager, an app that lets you use custom themes on the Gboard app and modify a plethora of hidden settings.


The spiritual successor to the Rboard themes Magisk module, the Rboard Theme Manager app by XDA Senior Member RKBD lets you customize the Gboard app in several different ways. For one, you can choose from the vast list of third-party themes, and there’s an option to add additional theme repositories to scale up that option.

As you can see in these screenshots, the app allows you to change the default click sounds as well. You can also access a plethora of hidden flags for the Gboard app through this Theme Manager. When it comes to granular customization, power users can achieve this by toggling those flags. In a nutshell, access to these settings give you a lot of control over how the Gboard app should look and behave on your phone.

Here’s a list of all the features offered by Rboard Theme Manager:

  • Downloading themes
  • Applying themes
  • Deleting themes
  • In-app app updater
  • Light/Dark for system theme switch (Android 10 and above)
  • Gboard flags
  • 3rd party theme repos support
  • System Click sounds customization
  • Theme/Sound preview
  • Crash URL creator
  • Widgets
  • Search for Themes/Sounds
  • Tags
  • Module-less option
  • Monet and blur for android 12+
  • Exporting and importing themes

If you are interested in changing the look of Gboard or tweak it to your heart’s content, you can download Rboard Theme Manager from the XDA Forums thread linked below. Do keep in mind that the app needs root access to run. After installing the app, you can either set it up as a Magisk module or as a companion app for Gboard. The former will give you more customization options, but it will also break compatibility with heavy OEM Android skins like ColorOS and Realme UI.

Rboard Theme Manager — XDA Discussion Thread

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