RCS is Coming to Latin America with América Móvil, AT&T in México, Oi and Telefónica

RCS is Coming to Latin America with América Móvil, AT&T in México, Oi and Telefónica

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Due to the open nature of Android, some would say the messaging ecosystem is rather fragmented. Some people continue to use traditional SMS while others have branched out to dedicated messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and others. Google has been working to get RCS rolled out to wireless carriers in a number of regions and we just recently learned that they’re working in Latin America as well. If you’re on one of the leading wireless carriers in the region, then you can look forward to RCS being implemented in the future.

SMS is an aging technology and it’s one of the reasons why so many people have shifted to a dedicated messaging platform. These new platforms are able to iterate quickly and over time they’ve added features that have become expected when it comes to messaging other people. This includes things such as the ability to create rich group chats, see typing indicators, and read receipts, share high-resolution photos and videos, and more.

Google has been working with carriers across Europe, North America, and Asia over the past year, and a number of them have already began working on upgrading their networks with support for RCS. In a new announcement this week, we have learned that Google is now working with some of the leading wireless carriers across Latin America. With the work that Google is currently doing with América Movil, AT&T in Mexico, Oi, and Telefónica, we’re told RCS will end up being available to more than two-thirds of all mobile subscribers in Latin America.

Once it rolls out, the service will be powered by the Jibe RCS Cloud from Google. Thanks to the way this has been developed, it will be fully interoperable between networks through the Jibe RCS Hub. Thus it doesn’t matter if the person you’re messaging is on the same network as you, as long as they have implemented Jibe RCS Cloud from Google, then the RCS features will be available.

Source: Google